NHS London Leadership Academy

NHS England – London Leadership & Lifelong Learning Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation


About Us/Who are we?
Our Vision “to develop outstanding healthcare leadership in London, in order to improve people’s health, patient outcomes and experiences of the NHS.”
Our Mission “To be a regional centre of excellence for leadership development, delivering locally a national approach, and responding to the leadership needs of future and existing leaders across the capital’s NHS system.”

Why Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation
Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation is a powerful transformative leadership development tool. Join the London Leadership Teams professional coaching, mentoring and Facilitation community to build a stronger NHS.
A vital part of our work is to provide access to coaching and mentoring across the London region. We’re here to help you unlock your potential and develop a rewarding career path based on a greater knowledge of your own strengths and developmental needs. Here you will find a qualified Coach, Mentor or Facilitator to support you in unlocking your potential.

Coaching and Mentoring is free of charge to all NHS staff through the London Register

Our Commitment: Whether you are a Coach, Mentor or Facilitator from within the NHS or from the private sector, as an associate we value your contribution and provide free ongoing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through our yearly programme to enhance your practice. We provide free group supervision to improve you coaching standards and effectiveness, as well as opportunities to participate in relevant expert leadership programmes and offer a number of learning and networking opportunities.

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